Strategic Planning

I have always been involved in the planning process in the places where I worked, and been involved in the execution of those plans as well. Because of this, I believe it is critical for those tasked with carrying out a plan to have input into the plan, and have always been focused on that inclusion. I’ve done strategic planning for businesses, civic organizations, and academic institutions.

At MCI and Verizon, at a macro level, I worked as part of local and regional sales organizations’ management team to research, develop, write, and implement strategic marketing plans for the organization’s territories. I was part of the team that worked to plan new sales and service team structures following both the MCI-WorldCom and MCI-Verizon mergers. As a Campaign Consultant that focused on national email marketing and virtual event campaigns, I was responsible for identifying the targeted markets, matching these markets with the services we offered, and bringing in appropriate messaging and timing its release. At a micro level, I developed strategic sales plans and delivered executive briefings to large corporate clients, in cooperation with account teams, senior product and engineering management.

As a Board member and Vice President, I helped draft the Bella Vista United Civic Association’s by-laws, selected and organized the Committees, and provided feedback and correction as part of the annual review process. While serving as Chair for the Greene Street Friends School’s Annual Giving Campaign, I worked with the Director of Development to help create the campaign’s plan.