Team Building, Program Management and Training

Case Study #1:
As part of its strategy to move into the local phone service market, MCI launched a plan to have its employees become more engaged in the communities in which they lived and worked. In my role as the Branch Marketing Manager, I recruited and organized more than 50 company employees across multiple locations to participate in external community relations activities with Greater Philadelphia Cares and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Philadelphia. This effort brought greater visibility to MCI in the marketplace, and provided employees with a richer, more satisfying work environment.

Case Study #2:
The Bella Vista United Civic Association was the relaunch of an old organization, and was looking to announce its arrival with a visible project in the community. As a board member and Chair of the Beautification Committee, I headed up two projects. The first was a project to install street banners at entrances to the neighborhood, and on the main business thoroughfare. I researched, bid out and selected vendors to manufacture and install the banners, organized a banner design contest to engage the community, and oversaw the banners’ installation. The second project was to initiate a street tree planting initiative. Over the course of twelve months, I started an education program through presentations at monthly meetings on the benefits of street trees, and by inviting the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to speak as well. As a result, over 50 trees were planted in the neighborhood. The new Civic Association could thus show positive activity in the neighborhood, and the appearance of the neighborhood itself was improved.

Case Study #3:
Sales professionals at MCI were provided with training sessions on most of what they needed to succeed. However, these sessions covered topics at a corporate level but not at a regional or branch level. Thus, new sales people often took longer ramping up their productvity while they learned the branch and region-specific processes. As the Field Marketing Manager, I created and conducted New Hire training programs for the sales force, and organized and hosted monthly education sessions as training reinforcement. As a result, first time sales production increased by 50% from pre-training levels.

Strategic Organizational Planning

Case Study #1:
The Bella Vista United Civic Association was founded after a previous civic association was disbanded amid mismangement and bad publicity. The leadership of the new organization sought to move away from the past and focus on an new era of honesty and inclusion. As a Board member of the Bella Vista United Civic Association, I collaborated with other Board members to draft bi-laws, plan monthly community meetings, and set annual objectives that would help ensure these new goals. I worked with government, business, and non-profit entities to plan and achieve civic association goals through the execution of the bi-laws and the establishment of new inclusive neighborhood projects.

Case Study #2:
Many companies experience the disconnect between their marketing departments’ messaging and what their sales teams are saying to customers. My experience at MCI and Verizon was no different. In my marketing roles at MCI and Verizon, I acted as a liaison between corporate marketing and the field sales organizations. I created Strategic Marketing Plans for the local and regional sales organizations that took into account the local differences in our marketplace by addressing vertical markets, customer size and territory coverage, while meeting 100% of annual revenue targets. At the same time, I ensured that the official corporate message was always conveyed and re-enforced with the sales teams through regular training sessions, account strategy sessions, customer meetings and events.

Branding and Strategic Messaging

As a member of the Field Marketing team for MCI and Verizon, I helped develop marketing messages for high-value Strategic Services solution packages for Medium and Large businesses. I also developed targeted marketing message content in cooperation with the Marketing Communications team and corporate Business Intelligence Unit. I liaised with Product Marketing, Public Relations and external business partners to coordinate messaging, audience and timetables for marketing campaigns. I worked to design, plan and execute live customer events, once again working with may different departments and business partners to plan and complete these events.

Case Study #1:
Greene Street Friends School began to see the need to involve the school’s parents in its Annual Giving campaigns. Up to this point, contributions were low and parents’ participation rate was below 30%. The school’s development office set up a system of class captains, and a Annual Giving Chair held by a parent. In my role as one of the first Chairs for the Greene Street Friends School Annual Giving campaigns, I developed messaging to parents and stakeholders that included a letter to all parents, the design and printing of fliers for student distribution, and presentations before school assemblies and events. The results were in increase in participation to almost 70%, and a vast increase in overall contributions.

Case Study #2: MCI was looking for ways to introduce a new email and Internet access bundle to the marketplace and strengthen its role as a good corporate citizen. In my roll as Branch Marketing Manager, I was able to leverage my contacts at the Arts and Business Council’s Philadelphia affiliate to engage the national organization, as well as work with MCI product marketing and MCI Foundation personnel to line up support. Through that engagement, MCI was able to partner with the Council to provide these Internet/email packages along with hardware and software from the Council’s other partners, IBM and Microsoft. MCI was thus able to jump start the sales of this new offering, be positioned as a co-marketer with IBM and Microsoft, and be viewed as  providing valuable technical support for arts organizations across the country.