My Messaging Philosophy: A Science and an Art

Messaging, aka Marketing and Communications, is all about telling a story. For maximum effectiveness, the story must be clear, concise, and resonate with the receiver. Identifying who the intended receivers should be, and tailoring that story to reach those receivers, is only part of what marketing and messaging is all about. The receivers must take the intended action, based on hearing the story. The identification of the intended receivers is where science and data come in. Getting the intended action is where art comes in.

Each receiver comes from a different place, and in a sense speaks their own language. The key is to be able to really understand what the core message should be, and translate that into the “language” of the receivers. Both the content and the delivery mechanism may be optimized to reach the target audience. Thus, messaging must be able to adapt to various media: print, audible, electronic and social.

Messaging Experience

The messaging I have done in my work life and community life has been formal and informal, verbal and written. My messaging work draws from my experiences as a writer and performer.

While at MCI and Verizon, I provided RFP(Request for Proposal) response support for both Corporate and Government accounts. Besides developing an RFP response process for sales teams, I also created and delivered the training sessions. I developed targeted marketing message content in cooperation with the Marketing Communication team and corporate Business Intelligence Unit. I liaised with Product Marketing, Public Relations and external business partners to coordinate messaging, audience and timetables for marketing campaigns. I helped create, organize and execute strategic marketing events for potential enterprise clients.

My community work has enabled me to create, develop, and distribute content. For example, I developed messaging to parents and stakeholders for Greene Street Friends School’s annual giving campaign that included letters to parents, fliers for class captains to distribute, and public speaking opportunities at large school functions. During my tenure with the Bella Vista United Civic Association, I wrote articles for the monthly newsletter, press releases, e-mails and fliers for community meetings and special events. I also acted as a community liaison for the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia by speaking at civic associations throughout the city about the Preservation Alliance.

Some of my non-traditional messaging has involved creating sales incentive contests, which I did at MCI and Verizon, and a street banner design contest for the Bella Vista United Civic Association.