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End of an Interesting Year

My personal and professional evolution continues, as I prepare for 2013. At the close of 2011, I knew in my heart I could no longer stay in the corporate world, and I knew that I wanted to spend my working days involved in the things that were the most interesting to me: the arts, historic [...]

A One-Man Cultural Center…?

I just completed two of the biggest projects of my post-corporate career. The largest one was the organizing, co-curating, mounting and publicizing of a retrospective art show. The entire project took over a year from the initial “straw man” sketch to the final take-down. Besides being an emotional mine field, since the artwork was that [...]

An Art Show Tribute

I have been working for most of the year on an art show that would honor my late wife’s talent and courage, and demonstrate how the arts can be a powerful mode of healing. Below is the press release written for this show. Writing a press release about your own life is a little awkward, [...]