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The Challenge of Community Engagement

Putting together a successful community event has many of the same challenges as putting together a business event. I recently was part of a community forum on sustainability that was hosted by the Germantown United CDC, the community development corporation for whom I serve as the board president. Most of the decision-making processes in each step of the way was very reminiscent of [...]

It’s April in Philadelphia

The weather is finally getting warmer, and the urge to get back into the yard is upon me. Small, simple tidying activities have already begun. The tomato and chile pepper seeds have been started, and the sprouts have started to grow. Soon they will be ready to be planted in the ground. In the meantime, [...]

Inspiration versus Perspiration

I recently attended a panel discussion at Taller Puertorequeno, one of the leading Latino art centers in Philadelphia, entitled “”Claiming Places: Unity, Ownership & “Hogar”(Home). The panel was moderated by an architect, and included artists from the community, The biggest take-away for me: Artists are the members of the community that help it see its [...]