Andy Trackman

Andy Trackman has over 20 years of corporate business experience with MCI and Verizon in customer service, field marketing and e-marketing. He has successfully identified needs, outlined goals, built consensus, and executed projects in the places where he’s worked.

Andy has been involved in the arts/culture and community development communities as a Company Captain and a Business Volunteers for the Arts participant with the Arts and Business Council, Board member and officer of the Bella Vista United Civic Association, a longstanding member of the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, and as a professional musician. Andy is currently a Board member of the Germantown United Community Development Corporation, and recently completed the Preservation Alliance’s Emerging Preservation Leadership Program.

His experience includes: writing email and social media campaigns, press releases, and marketing material, organizing and executing events, creating strategic, communications and marketing plans. Andy is a graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater.