As an individual or an organization, your mission is what you do; it is who you are. That mission may be to bring beauty, justice, or economic well-being into the world.  It may be global in scope or it may be community-centric. But how do you share your mission and your passion with the rest of the world? How do you create the framework to support your mission that’s as great as the mission itself?

That’s where AC Trackman Consulting comes in.

We ask the hard business questions, help you find the answers, and further your mission by:

  1. Understanding your mission
  2. Determining who is most receptive to hearing it and supporting it
  3. Developing and targeting communications to that group of supporters
  4. Building relationships with targeted audience
  5. Tracking the results


Develop your identity

In order to maintain the creativity and integrity of your mission and your identity, you must be clear on what that is. That is the only way to truly identify your audience, and build a relationship with it. Once you introduce yourself, how would you like that relationship to continue? We can help you with the clarity of your mission’s message.


Tell your story

If you believe your mission is important to the world, you need to tell your story to as many supporters as possible. Understanding your supporters and how best to reach them will be the key to your organization’s survival and success.

AC Trackman Consulting offers Marketing and Communications services to a range of clients in the arts/culture, community development, and historic preservation sectors.


Engage your audience

For history and historic preservation clients, AC Trackman Consulting has a special focus on class, ethnic and gender history. We will engage historians for historical research, analyze the research to identify creative placemaking, marketing, and education opportunities, and develop plans to bring this research to life in a way that enhances the economic and cultural value of the historic assets and the communities in which they reside.


With corporate B2B Marketing expertise, involvement in the creative and performing arts, and  experience in community associations management AC Trackman Consulting is able to take a unique and dynamic approach in working with individual and organizations in the creative and non-profit sector.

What are you waiting for? ACT today.