My House

The view from the backyard

This house was built in 1887 as a Victorian, out of the prevailing building material in Northwest Philadelphia: Wissahickon Schist. It was home to Ashton Tourison and his family for a number of years in the beginning. Tourison and his sons were some of the first builders and developers of what is now East Mount Airy.

In 1911, the house was sold, renovated and expanded, and was thus turned from a Victorian into a modern Arts and Crafts style house. The next big renovation was in the 1980’s, when the kitchen and some of the mechanics were updated.

The house sits on almost an acre of land, and includes an original barn/carriage house. In the 1940’s the owners re-landscaped the yard, creating a winding driveway from the street to the carriage house, and planting an acid-based garden modeled after the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Thus, the yard’s plethora of azaleas, pierises, hollies, rhododendrons and yews.