Hi, I’m Andrew C Trackman.

Welcome to my digital homebase.

What I’m about

My life experience has given me the skills and abilities to be flexible, to manage through change, and to be creative and think “outside the box”. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and to do whatever it takes to reach a goal. In fact I like getting my hands dirty; it’s how I learn and understand what is really going on.

My experience living in a large urban environment as well as working in a large corporation has exposed me to diverse populations, and has enabled me to work with and lead people from different backgrounds and points of view. I use this experience to build strong consensus and move forward to get things done.

I see everything as a learning experience, and I’ve learned to take nothing for granted. I believe in planning and adhering to plans, but I also know that many aspects of life are beyond my control and that it’s important to adapt to those changing aspects. I do not get rattled easily, and I pride myself on my ability to think on my feet.

Where I come from

I was born in Trenton and raised in Bordentown, the northern most point of South Jersey, by a music teacher father and an art teacher mother. As a child, I developed interests I still have today by building model cities and studying piano. In high school, I learned piano improvisation, and became active in theater, both on-stage and as part of the technical crew. After high school, I continued pursuing my interest in music, theater, and communications at Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater, and expanded my knowledge into the realms of advertising, public relations, and marketing. It was at this time that I made Philadelphia my home.

Upon graduation, I took a career detour and worked in the mental health field in support of intellectually challenged adults at COMHAR, Inc. I kept my hand in show business, working as the piano accompanist to musical-comedian Big Daddy Graham, house pianist at the Comedy Factory Outlet,  keyboardist in a rock band and in my own musical-comedy group. I also developed my own stand-up comedy routine, and worked as a stand-up comic.

At age 25, I got married and was supportive of my wife’s art and photography career while she attended graduate school at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. We bought and rehabbed three old houses in Fairmount, Bella Vista, and East Mount Airy, that included acting as my own general contractor and engaging in hands-on construction and demolition work. Our houses always had gardens, where I would grow, maintain and manage flower and vegetable gardens. I enjoy gardening to this day.

My corporate work life in in the telecommunications industry started  with MCI at this time.  MCI was a young, brash company that was taking on the AT&T monopoly and winning, with its youthful spirit and total focus on the customer. In the ensuing years during the WorldCom merger and Verizon acquisition, I learned how to deal with change, managing and adapting to the many reorganizations, transitions and layoffs that have become typical in corporate America.

I’ve managed through serious health issues with my family; I dealt with my daughter’s early premature birth including hospitalization in a NICU and early intervention therapy, and was a supporter and caregiver to my wife during her 12-plus years of battling cancer, which sadly she lost in 2010. I am dealing with change once again, learning to become a single parent, and a single person.

The best thing about change is that it has kept me fresh, kept me sharp, and kept me current. It’s the hand I’ve been dealt, and I intend to play to win. I don’t know any other way.