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Marketing a Neighborhood

A neighborhood marketing and branding effort, when done from the ground up, has the opportunity to build community pride and provide a better image to the outside world. I recently attended the annual Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference, hosted by the Center for Community Progress, here in Philadelphia. Three days of informative and interesting workshops, presentations [...]

It’s Great To Get Great Press

Thank you, Chestnut Hill Local, for this nice story about me. I don’t “toot my own horn”, so thank you for doing it for me. President of community development board – Trackman on the right track with jazz and consulting Local Life July 26, 2013 0 Comments Mt. Airy’s Andy Trackman, in addition to being an [...]

Our Throwaway Culture

When you get involved in any community or neighborhood organization in Philadelphia, there are some issues that always arise. Taxes, Parking, and litter. When it comes to litter, easy solutions are never to be found. Some of the solutions I’ve heard selected include adding trashcans to the street. However, it only works if they are [...]